Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dress a girl pillow case dresses

I have made up a set of patterns - one in each size - for the BIWC ladies to pass around - a sort of chain sew :)  I have rounded the bottom seam of the dress & angled the side seam as I find the dress hangs better this way.  If you are new to sewing and hemming a curved seam is hard for you, feel free to make the hem line straight.  Just use the longest point of the hem pattern & straighten it from there.

Like this:

Now, choose the size dress you would like to make & fold your fabric in half so that the pattern piece will fit with the straight edge on the fold.

You will need two of these pieces - one back, one front

You can of course add pretty embellishments 
(ribbon, lace, pom pom fringing....)
Be creative & keep in mind that for some of the recipients this will be the only new dress they receive

To misquote Jill DiGiovanni - Sew in the LOVE

Now you are ready to follow the usual pillowcase dress tutorials.

HERE is a lovely one

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