Friday, 19 April 2013

Scrap busting project!

I have finally found a great way to use up the bags & bags of scraps of fabric I have amassed over time.

As you may recall from previous posts (here & here) our sewing group has been making dresses for the Dress-a-Girl-Around-the-World project, which the whole BIWC is now getting involved with by donating fabric, or money to buy fabric - yay ladies!!!

So this evening I had a brainwave... why not join up the scraps into a length of fabric & make another dress!!

I started with the pale blue packet of scraps (mostly).....

What do you think?  
Will this dress make a little girl's heart sing?

Surely an improvement on this....

You too can get involved in this great project - no matter where you are in the world.  The dresses are very simple to sew up & the smiles on the girl's faces are enough to get anyone sewing... just take a look

Pop over to their website & get involved!

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