Monday, 6 May 2013

Get ready for Summer!

As the days get longer, warmer & beautifully sunny, 
I am having fun working on Summer sets for little girls!  

This top is The Blondie from Amy over at Brownie Goose Designs.
Her pattern is amazing, and her instructions are clear, concise and well supplemented with good, crisp, clarifying photos, and her sense of humour will have you chuckling away.  This top was fun to make!
Go Amy!
I so enjoyed your special, humorous instructions... I will have to try a few more of your designs :)

You may recognize these - The Sailor Style version of the Bubble Pocket Shorts from Elegance & Elephants  - you have already seen them here, so you know how I adore her pattern - as well as her use of centimeters and inches (who outside the States understands inches??).
I used my new Kam Snaps on the front, and quickly realised that I needed to order the correct little parts for my wonderful popper press!
I did that right away!

Here is the press I have 
(read about it here and here)
I found the little parts for the T5 Kam snaps here
This is the photo from their website of the parts:
And they even provide a handy 'how to'
Their prices seem to be really good for the actual snaps too!

And then my own little addition to the set, 'cause every little lady needs a handbag to carry treasures in!

Oh yes, forgot to mention: The fabric!!  It is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE right now!  It is from Volksfaden -

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