Sunday, 26 January 2014

Craft supply shopping

I am always on the look out for unusual craft supplies.  The coolest things are often found in the most unexpected places, that may be missed if creating isn't always on your mind.

Here are some of my latest finds….

Yes, I bought sticks.  My husband is convinced that I am a touch more than slightly nutty at this point, but they are really useful!  Just look here

Click here to see more, and be inspired to go get some sticks too!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ironing Board Re-Cover

My ironing board cover was HORRID!  Brown marks all over, and the sides covered with stripes of sticky residue, where I have wiped remnants of glue off the iron.  I had seriously stopped worrying about even trying to keep the cover vaguely clean!  So, it had to go - about 6 months ago!

Also, I have never loved it, as it has weird pink streaks as a design, that never look like anything but weird pink streaks and look very odd in tutorial pics taken on my ironing board.

This is a NEW one, my cover no longer looked ANYTHING like this.  Aging paper with coffee for journal covers may also have played a role!!

Anyhoooo…. Way past time to make a new cover!

But, for some odd reason, I have been procrastinating over this project!  But the universe & Pinterest conspired to get me cracking on it.  While browsing Pinterest earlier (Hello, my name is Di, I am a Pinterest addict) I came across THREE simple tutorials for new covers.  Only to discover that my cover could simply be removed, the string loosened creating a perfect template for a new cover!  No tutorial needed!!
I simply backed linen with good quality felt interfacing (from CeKa) and used bias tape to create a channel for the elastic.  Done in 30 minutes!  The only tedious task was threading said elastic through channel!

And look:

Isn't she pretty?
Oh how I adore linen!!

All you need for this project:
A length of fabric; a length of good quality thick interfacing - my felt one was not quite wide enough, so I simply sewed two lengths together; elastic; a toggle to hold the ends of the elastic (or you can tie a knot, but a toggle is easier to loosen to remove cover to launder).
It could not be simpler!!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lady Jane doll

This was my inspiration from Little Moshi  who makes the most amazing teeny tiny outfits and accessories for dolls, paints, draws, is generally amazingly, gorgeously crafty!

Anyhoo… this is my take, I shall call her Lady Jane

But, it's cold out, she needs a scarf around that long neck!


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Handmade Journal Cover

Start of a new year, time to get journalling again!

These days I am ALWAYS complaining that I have the memory of a goldfish.  When I was younger, I could recall everything and everyone, and was generally the person called upon to remember the name of that kid that spent one term in our class in grade II.  These days, if I meet you today, I'll be lucky if I remember your name tomorrow!   I suspect it is because, as we get older,  our lives become a whirlpool of activities and people.  That, and living in a new country, everyone I know, I met within the last six years, and I have met A LOT of people, been a load of new places, taken part in a myriad of new activities - a whirlpool!

So, to help the old memory along, it's time to get journalling again!  Last year I had started 'my day in doodles', but only kept it up for a week!  Maybe this time I will be better…

Pages from 'My day in Doodles'

and yes, I really did eat 3 mashed potatoes and a can of sardines for breakfast - I'm an odd eater!

But, journalling is not just a great way to remind you of days gone by, what you did, who you met… it is also a great way to keep in shape creatively!
Have a look at these images (from other peoples' blogs) - I find them incredibly inspirational!
See Regina's wonderful blog here:

Donna's blog is AMAZING!  She has videos & is happy to share all her creative secrets! 
Be sure to have a look :

There are MANY MANY many more amazing and inspirational art journaling blogs out there, click here for more inspiration.  (Don't you just adore Pinterest?!)

Anyway, as sewing is my main passion, I had to have a fabric cover for my new journal - right??  And, as free motion embroidery is my latest obsession, it had to include some of that too!

I plan on making some journal covers for the Bj√∂rn Schulz STIFTUNG's next market to raise funds for seriously ill kids and their families.  I think the next market is in May at the Blossom Festival, which is always great fun to attend - it is away from the drunken hordes, so you can go along with the entire family and enjoy the countryside and the beautiful scenery.  There is always yummy food to try, and of course, you have to take a bottle of fruit wine home with you!  All in the name of a good cause.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Softie Bunny Handsewn

This is my take of Mindy Lacefield's FiddleWinkle Bunny featured in Prims (Winter 2012)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Free motion meets softy bunny

Over the Xmas break we were away in the canary islands with friends.  During the holiday, us girls ended up chatting about sewing / crafting quite a bit because she got an amazing Xmas gift...  a Pfaff Ambition 1.5 (a really great sewing machine for those of you that don't speak 'sew').  Also, I bought a really lovely spanish crafting magazine (even though I don't speak a word of Spanish, the pictures are gorgeous).  So, I was sort of champing at the bit near the end of the holiday, excited to get back behind my sewing machine (and of course do some more free motion embroidery - Kirsty Allsop is not wrong,  Free Machine Embroidery is the crack cocaine of crafting).

So when I spotted Mindy Lacefield's FiddleWinkle Bunny in Prims (Winter 2012), I knew I had to give him a try!!  You can see her original here.  NOW you see why I had to have a try!  How lovely is he!?  This chicken is SERIOUSLY talented, have a look here

Mindy's photo from her Etsy store showing Fiddlewinkle in person (well, part of him) and his professional shot from his magazine appearance.

So, I have just completed my version of Mindy's bunny, named by Eugene as 'Bad Bunny', now will need to wait for decent light to take some shots of him!  And next time you visit, he may well be lurking in the guest bathroom!