Sunday, 5 January 2014

Free motion meets softy bunny

Over the Xmas break we were away in the canary islands with friends.  During the holiday, us girls ended up chatting about sewing / crafting quite a bit because she got an amazing Xmas gift...  a Pfaff Ambition 1.5 (a really great sewing machine for those of you that don't speak 'sew').  Also, I bought a really lovely spanish crafting magazine (even though I don't speak a word of Spanish, the pictures are gorgeous).  So, I was sort of champing at the bit near the end of the holiday, excited to get back behind my sewing machine (and of course do some more free motion embroidery - Kirsty Allsop is not wrong,  Free Machine Embroidery is the crack cocaine of crafting).

So when I spotted Mindy Lacefield's FiddleWinkle Bunny in Prims (Winter 2012), I knew I had to give him a try!!  You can see her original here.  NOW you see why I had to have a try!  How lovely is he!?  This chicken is SERIOUSLY talented, have a look here

Mindy's photo from her Etsy store showing Fiddlewinkle in person (well, part of him) and his professional shot from his magazine appearance.

So, I have just completed my version of Mindy's bunny, named by Eugene as 'Bad Bunny', now will need to wait for decent light to take some shots of him!  And next time you visit, he may well be lurking in the guest bathroom!