Sunday, 19 January 2014

Ironing Board Re-Cover

My ironing board cover was HORRID!  Brown marks all over, and the sides covered with stripes of sticky residue, where I have wiped remnants of glue off the iron.  I had seriously stopped worrying about even trying to keep the cover vaguely clean!  So, it had to go - about 6 months ago!

Also, I have never loved it, as it has weird pink streaks as a design, that never look like anything but weird pink streaks and look very odd in tutorial pics taken on my ironing board.

This is a NEW one, my cover no longer looked ANYTHING like this.  Aging paper with coffee for journal covers may also have played a role!!

Anyhoooo…. Way past time to make a new cover!

But, for some odd reason, I have been procrastinating over this project!  But the universe & Pinterest conspired to get me cracking on it.  While browsing Pinterest earlier (Hello, my name is Di, I am a Pinterest addict) I came across THREE simple tutorials for new covers.  Only to discover that my cover could simply be removed, the string loosened creating a perfect template for a new cover!  No tutorial needed!!
I simply backed linen with good quality felt interfacing (from CeKa) and used bias tape to create a channel for the elastic.  Done in 30 minutes!  The only tedious task was threading said elastic through channel!

And look:

Isn't she pretty?
Oh how I adore linen!!

All you need for this project:
A length of fabric; a length of good quality thick interfacing - my felt one was not quite wide enough, so I simply sewed two lengths together; elastic; a toggle to hold the ends of the elastic (or you can tie a knot, but a toggle is easier to loosen to remove cover to launder).
It could not be simpler!!