Monday, 24 February 2014

Vintage Chair Revamped

 This little vintage chair belonged to a certain little girl's daddy when he was little.  Her mommy wanted to update it for her bedroom, so she enlisted my help to create a cushion.

The shape of the chair means that the cushion has to be shaped very carefully - it is basically half a hollow egg shell in shape, so the cushion needs to curve side to side as well as top to bottom to fill the seat correctly.  Also, the chair is only 60cm wide, so all of that needs to happen in quite a small space!

After fiddling with darts on a few draughts, I came up with this little piped cushion, and hope N's mommy is as happy as I am with the result!  Don't you adore the bright apple fabric?!  It is an Alexander henry fabric which I sourced from Volksfaden.

Baby Bear's chair was just right….

Read your favourite story in the sunshine - this chair is inviting!

Alexander Henry fabrics are something really special!  Just have a peep at one of my FAVS - the Ghastlies - click here.

And the watercolor look of Tropix

And the sketchy feel of Smoke Stack City

What's not to love???

Happy stitching ...