Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Painting on Fabric

Test run on Linen : FW ink and various fabric marker pens.

I pre-washed the linen at 60°C to shrink it as much as possible pre painting and ultimately sewing up.
Then had at it with markers and FW ink, and heat set it quite seriously with iron on hottest setting.

Pre wash:

Post wash:

Pre wash:

Post wash:
This one I scrubbed rather vigorously just as a test. A washing machine would not be as cruel to the bunnies, but I really wanted to test their staying power.

Again, the sketches were 2 second sketches, so, please excuse!!

Things I have learned (so far) from my various tests:

1. Fabric must be bone dry before painting / drawing
2. Pre-wash without fabric softener 
3. Leave work to dry completely before heat setting
4. Wash on gentle cycle 30°C after painting / drawing
5.  Don't water down ink for fabric, less bleed and lasts better if undiluted

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