Thursday, 28 August 2014

Setting Inktense with Textile Medium

Inktense on linen 
Pre wash:

I went over the rabbit again, this time adding a layer of Textile medium over it, letting it dry, then heat setting with a HOT iron

top square of colour: I wet the fabric with normal water, drew on with Inktense, let it dry, then applied Textile Medium and heat set
Spots left to right: 1. Yellow spot: I applied a thin layer of textile Medium, while it was wet, I added Inktense over and mixed with paintbrush
2. Plum spot: Shaved off some Inktense and mixed it with Textile Medium before applying to fabric
3. Plum and orange spot: testing mixing colours, Painted on thin layer of Textile Medium, then drew on with Inktense, using brush to mix colours
4. Red and orange spot:  Applied thick layer of Textile medium to fabric, and then mixed Inktense directly into it on the fabric

Now, off to the wash we go….

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