Saturday, 23 August 2014

Painting on Fabric

Sketching rabbits to test the some new toys I am trying out
He is FW ink (colours) outlined with Pilot Laundry-Tec pen.  Don't be fooled, the packaging of this pen is blue… it has black ink.
This is pre wash (above & below)
Yes, I know, he looks like a rabid rabbit!  The eyes need more work.  This was a two minute sketch, forgive me!

Post wash - 60°C (hotter than you'd really wash anything you value!!):
It should be noted here:  I painted first, then drew on wet fabric (not the best result for the laundry pen)
The FW held firm!!
I did hot-iron set it, with steam.

I tried three fabric markers.
Below is the Marabu Textile Painter

It has a thicker nib, and bleeds slightly when you go over lines (look at where the leaves join stem)
I wrote 'Textile Painter' on wet fabric - not advised, it bleeeeeeeeeeeds!
But, as you can see, it stays put through washing!  PERFECTLY!!!!
Colours are (again) FW, and they stayed put after heat sealing with steam-iron on HOT
FW on fabric does bleed without the aloe vera gel, but I kinda like it here

Next up: The Pilot Laundry marker.

Nice fine nib
NO bleed!!!!!  Even on wet fabric (see '(laundry marker)' in pic below)
Fades a bit in wash, even when not over FW
BUT, in fairness, it was 60°, and fade is minor when directly applied to fabric

This is my personal fav

Last up:  Pentel Marker for Textile

Fine point nib
Works well on wet / dry fabric
Very little bleed
Very little fade.

As I write this, I am trying to work out why I preferred the Pilot.  
I like it's roller ball nib
I like it's precision
You can go over lines with NO BLEED
Writes PERFECTLY directly on wet fabric, BUT, for staying power - write on dry!
I suppose, I just simply do

The colour wheel was drawn with Sharpie, which does bleed, and it runs into the FW when applied
But, it stays PUT through a wash

Below is Pilot Laundry Tec on dry fabric 
Perfect after 60°C wash
FW is direct (undiluted) from bottle

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