Monday, 11 August 2014

Unknown in August

I have begun a new adventure, well, two really.
The first (the photos above are a clue) combines two creative things I really adore; sewing and painting:  I am trying my hand at painting on fabric, which is rapidly becoming a passion and compulsion.

My Sister and I visited the The Festival of Quilts  which was so great that the   l  o  n  g   drive home in pouring rain is hardly in my mind as I write this post, and I HATE driving in pouring rain, at night, so you may now understand just how wonderful this festival was.  It is always inspirational to see wonderful works of art and all the different ideas different artists bring to their work, but then to also be able to see (and buy) all the latest supplies, watch demonstrations of how to use said supplies, as well as demonstrations of new and wonderful mixed media techniques, all under one roof… HEAVEN!!!!
I am not a quilter, although I have tried my hand (rather half heartedly) at quilting, but still this festival was beyond compare.

It was at this show that my crafting mind started seriously fixating on the very real possibility of watercolor-like painting on a fabric base, which I could then turn into bespoke pieces of clothing, or a handbag, hand towel, roman blind…. (you get the idea), without the fabric becoming stiff or plasticized in the process, while still being fine in the wash.

To this end, we bought some Paintstix from Markal which I am dying to try out, and have been learning online exactly how to use them so long.

But, it turns out I had the perfect medium for my desired outcome in my crafting room all along - INKTENSE pencils.  

Photo from Cheryl Gebhart's blog ScrappyCat
Have a look at her wonderful Flickr Pics, inspirational! 

I bought these when I was taking private art lessons in Berlin, and really enjoyed using them on paper, but had not realised that once water is added in application, this pigment becomes permanent!  So, INKTENSE is perfect for drawing on fabric!  The trick is to simply to wet the fabric before you begin drawing/ painting on it.

My Blue Tit  on linen (photo at start of post) will eventually become a handbag, and hopefully I will remember to photograph it when it does!

The second new adventure is joining the Creative Every Day Challenge, starting a bit late, but you know… better late than never and all.

Happy crafting one and all :)