Friday, 3 October 2014

Free Motion Embroidery Inspiration

Nicola Henley - Plover Movements, printed, painted, embroidered

I have been completely wrapped up in free motion embroidery lately.  I have been having so much fun incorporating new techniques.  With FME, you never stop learning. It is great to peruse the work of amazing textile artists and be inspired by their work, like the work above that is featured in Alice Kettle and Jane McKeating's book Machine Stitch, which is well worth a read!
Alice Kettle's mammoth work Looking Forwards to the Past adorns the walls of the Winchester Discovery Center, at over 3m long, you then see why I describe it as a mammoth!  It is a wonder to behold, and you can walk right up to it to see how she has worked her fabric.  Next time I am there, I will have to be courageous and ask if photos are permitted!  I am in love with Alice Kettle's Head II Cele - you can surely see why, right?

The book came about as a group of textile artists met and discussed their art on a regular basis, encouraging each other and sharing ideas and inspiration.  What a lovely way for a book to grow!  Each artist wrote a chapter that is as unique as their work, offering different perspectives to consider.

It has inspired me to stitch out my favorite sketches from my life drawing class, photos to follow…


Be sure to see "Endangered" Mechanical Drawing – the Schiffli project Manchester Metropolitan University 2007 

I adore his Two Gods Are Chosen, read about it here

need I say more?

This is a close up of a dress!

Her website opens with close-ups of some of her work, beautiful!!

Have a look at my Pinterest Board Free Machine Stitch for further inspiration, I have pinned loads of my fav textile artists' works that I drool over and find inspiration from.

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