Friday, 3 October 2014

Transferring images for Free Motion Embroidery

Sometimes I am ingenious!
Okay, not often, and it ALWAYS involves crafty stuff, not with anything like complex maths problems, rocket science etc!

So, in my last post, I mentioned that I was inspired to stitch out my favorite sketches from my life drawing class, and I was playing around with this idea, when inspiration hit…

I had been talking, in my latest FME class at Bobbin Sewing School, about drawing on stabilizer and then using this as your template for designs, making the bobbin thread your visible work as you thread paint over the design you have drawn on your stabilizer that is ironed onto the back of your fabric, and as I set about my sketches, it hit me…

Stiff stabilizer can go through your printer!!!

So, I took a photo of one of my sketches, cut a piece of stabilizer A4 size, and, hey presto…

What you are looking at here is a photo of my sketch printed onto the non-iron-on side of the stabilizer!
I adore this particular stabilizer for FME as it is so thick and stable, you don't actually need to hoop when using this.  It is from Ceka - I have mentioned Ceka before - and really great!  This and the felt stabilizer (also from Ceka) are the two I use ALL the time for free machine stitching/ free motion embroidery.
You could possibly also use tear away stabilizer for projects that cannot have stabilizer remaining behind, but then I would MOST definitely hoop it!  Let's see if you can print on it, I don't see why not…

Bonus round… my roll of tear away is A4 height!
Now… Linen or cotton….??

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