Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wool(l?)y Coos

Or as they are properly called, Highland cattle, from the Scottish Highland have always intrigued me.  I just adore their furry faces!  

I grew up with farm fresh milk from a family friend's Jersey farm, and got to love these gentle giants, while visiting them on 'milk collection Saturdays'.    Have you seen a Jersey Cow?  Think Norman in City Slickers, cute doesn't even start.  Even the adults are beautiful, big, expressive eyes, long eyelashes, beautiful colouring, sweet natures oh if I had a farm!

So, all this to tell you about my latest work

My hubby, knowing my love of Wooly Coos, brought back a postcard of one from 'our' Scottish trip I couldn't go on, and it has become the inspiration for a new FW ink & thread piece…

Here he is ink only, pre thread painting:

I'm busy with the thread painting part, will add photos once done.

I have started using my Brother Innovis 4000 for FME, and now I cannot figure out why I didn't do so years ago!  It is perfectly suited.  I simply changed over to my usual modified free motion foot.  With the Brother Innovis 4000 you can save exact stitch settings, so I now have some set up for FME EXACTLY as I want them, tension, width, everything.  As everything is electronic on this machine, I can even store the foot height I desire!  And to think, I have been using it solely for machine embroidery!  What a waste!!!!!!

Want to modify your foot?  Watch this video:

Brilliant advice!
Works a treat.

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