Friday, 14 August 2015

Using Frixion Pens in textile art

I discovered Frixion pens accidentally, I had drawn a template on freezer paper, and in the process of ironing it onto my fabric,  the lines disappeared.  I was smitten, an easy to use, very visible way to mark fabric and then easily remove the marks with no wetting, and no waiting for it to disappear!

I do know that if you place your fabric in the freezer overnight the marks will come back, my little god-daughter had great fun writing secret notes this way :)

But, I figured my work would never be in a freezer overnight, so all was well.
I have experienced the 'ghost marks' left on fabric, but, until the other day, I had only found this problem with the neon Frixion pens.  'Until the other day' being the important part of that sentence, as it seems the black one does it too.  I have not found this issue with the dark green, the dark blue, the purple nor the red so far.

You can see the ghost quite clearly in this picture:

Here is an interesting article regarding using these pens for crafting and why we maybe shouldn't....

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