Monday, 12 December 2016

Inktense on fabric

A visiting South African friend gave me a beautiful wire, beaded hoopoe as a gift, which I popped in the downstairs bathroom.  Then I went about switching art around in the house, and now the bathroom is distinctly bird flavoured ;)

I have been meaning to put up a roman blind in there, and due to the avian theme, I decided on a bird blind.

I chose a lilac breasted roller, a gorgeous bird you always see in game parks, and I always think of as a quintessentially african bush bird.  Foregoing the machine this time, I got out my Inktense.

I drew the bird onto the heavy weight calico using my usual Frixion / Signo pens, it wouldn't matter if they left a shadow as I would be painting over them.  I had to do a check first to be sure that the textile medium I use to set the Inktense on fabric would not also set the removable marker.

I drew on fabric
Covered the writing completely with Inktense mixed with textile medium
Let it dry
Ironed to remove the underlying writing...

No problem, it can be removed from under Inktense and Textile Medium Mix!

Some shots along the way, with the obligatory kitty onlookers....

with and without flash 

 Next to sew up the blind!

Finished & installed: