Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Image transfer to fabric

I've started a few classes and courses recently, and so I've got back to serious playing with textiles and textile mediums.  Great fun!  I have also just published my 4th online textile related class -  Paint on Fabric: Neocolor II & Inktense - on SkillShare to follow up from my Free Motion Class.  Good to keep busy, especially doing things you love!

Today I wanted to chat about my experience with mediums for transferring prints to fabric and the results I have achieved.

So far I have tried two products

Dylon Image Maker  (the link I added was the only place I could find that stocked the tub as the tube runs out quite quickly)
I used images printed out on HP home printer quite successfully, got the paper off easily enough with both products, and then I covered the image (once dry) with a variety of products to seal and protect them, and bring out the colours again.

The Dylon Image Transfer over the image gave it a gloss finish, slightly tacky feeling handle (think leather sofa in summer), actually feels quite a bit like faux leather to touch.  Very crisp and clear, colours very bright

I did accidentally iron off a few spots (oops) - NOTE TO SELF:  don't iron over image, it melts!
Rather iron on the reverse 
The Pebeo matt gel gives a water resistant cover, and it will be washable, but is more matt.  Colours are not as vivid as previous
Fabric slightly stiff with slight waxy feel
Colours more muted

The following image was from a different source:

Most natural feel after application of medium bought from Hilary Beattie shop
Fabric is stiff due to Dylon product, but matt acrylic wax didn't add any stiffness like the first two did
Will need to redo this, with same image as first two, to determine colour clarity & brightness
I like the handle of this one best - personally - no tacky feel 

Then I used the AV vallejo product, but tried it on scrapbooking pages found at Poundland (win!!!!)

I tried this sheet

It was VERY hard to get the paper off once dried, and part of the image came off with my scrubbing

I sealed it with the same AV product

But, then I tried with the Dylon... MUCH easier!  Paper came off with hardly any trouble, image remained crisp & clear, and I coated it with Dylon again

Page used


Those lines you see are just where the Dylon overcoat is not completely dry - patience not really one of my strengths ;)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Xmas Past

What's behind the Xmas door?

Linen placemats with a Christmas themed image - starting with same letter as person's name, painted on with Inktense -instead of place cards

Using this idea from Pinterest, I made these, with holly from our garden!