Saturday, 5 January 2019

New Straight Stitch only machine

I bought my Christmas pressie from Eugene myself this year
 It is a semi industrial, straight stitch only Brother machine that comes with a felting attachment.

 I have been thoroughly enjoying using this machine.  It is strong enough to go through MANY layers without a hitch, as well as being completely unfussy about thread - it takes 'fairy wing' thread without batting an eye.  'Fairy wing' thread is this horrid (to work with) plastic, lumpy thread that snaps, unravels and generally misbehaves, but it gives the lovely iridescent effect seen on dragonfly wings or soap bubbles.  Most machines HATE this thread and you do too once you've rethreaded for the 50th time!  Not so with my new baby, she sews with it as though it's Aurifil.

I felted and then did FME over the felting to create this Christmas gift...

It is yet to be framed & actually gifted - a bit behind on delivering Xmas gifts ;)

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