I am South African born and bred, was Berlin based for six years, and have just moved (with our now well-traveled cats) to Winchester U.K.  I love to design and create a rather diverse range of things.  Basically, if I am left alone with fabric ... there is no telling what the result may be.

I have a background in interior decorating, and worked in advertising and marketing for a fabric house before moving to Berlin.

The thought of moving to a new country, where a new language was required was a little bit daunting, but the call of adventure was too alluring to ignore, so with our two cats and a few possessions we just COULD NOT part with, we headed off for Berlin!

When we first moved to Berlin, I thought the hardest thing would be meeting people and making friends across the culture divide, and the thing I most looked forward to was all the free time not working would provide.

The funny thing is... making friends was the easy part.  Germans are welcoming and warm, and with very little effort from you, they will make you feel very welcome!

As for looking forward to not working...

After the initial honeymoon period, I started to miss the structure and sense of accomplishment a job had always provided.  Working in the normal sense would not fit into our lifestyle,  so I had to find my own way... and MadeByDi was the result.

I have found having a hobby that you can convert into paying work is a wonderful aid to settling into a new country.  Crafting allows you to meet people as you shop for supplies and learn new techniques and keeps you busy and fulfilled as you settle into your new home.  And being able to earn a little yourself always helps (even if you just spend it on more supplies)!

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