Berlin Fabric

Here are some of Berlin's great sewing supply stores I have visited with comments:

My new favorite!  Just have a look at that opening photo taken in the front room of Linda's great store!  That photo shows 2 walls of the 5 walls of fabric in her store!  Are you grabbing your keys and running out your door already?  Not yet?  Well, then I have to mention this:  You know all those GORGEOUS prints you see all over the .com websites that customs would hold up & postage would be astronomical if you tried to buy directly from Germany?  Volksfaden has them all!  
I am not kidding, here is some of the list:
Alexander Henry, Anthology, Echino, Free Spirit, Hoffman, Michael Miller, Moda, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufmann, Timeless Treasures to mention a few.  I was also thrilled to see a few South African ranges!  Oh be still my beating heart.  AND then you will find many of those lovely Japanese fabrics!  All of the fabrics in this store are 100% cotton, many are organic cotton.

You will also find patchwork staples; rib trim; stretch cottons; soft velvety printed corduroys; beautiful buttons; lovely patterns for bags, soft toys, clothing for kids & adults; sewing books and magazines from all over the world;  REALLY lovely packs to make up dolls; pretty bias binding; covered buttons; zips; trims; accessories; some thread; and did I mention all those lovely fabrics?  
It is like stepping into a sewing wonderland!
Don't find it on the shelves?  Ask Linda.. she probably has it squirreled away in one of the many hide holes around the store.  She is also REALLY helpful & always willing to go the extra mile (in either English or Deutsch)!
Be sure to check out her new & growing range of organic cotton prints!

Dalink Stoffe

Brunsbütteler Damm 175-177
13581 Berlin.
T   030.365 049 90
Get ready for a trek, but their fabrics, haberdashery and interfacings are worth the trip. You will find most of your basics here, plains, patchwork, fleece, cotton, denim, linen, etc. as well as tule to carnival and couture stuff.  

All the staff were very knowledgeable and happy to stop whatever they were doing to help you search for that elusive white piping cord of specific girth (or whatever your requirement may be).  English was also not a problem.   

They have a great range, prices are about the same as most, but there are also some really great deals to be had.  The fabrics are all clearly marked as cotton, poly, etc (with % indicated)... no guessing or having to ask here (and no trying to pass off polycotton blend as 100% cotton!).  Really super quality linens & cottons!  Then elastic, cord, webbing, bias tape, piping, ribbons, bias binding, zips, a wall of buttons, every type of interlining you could possibly want, including a lovely quilted wadding, thread, rickrack, cotton lace, and even a collection of rather vintage patterns to dig through at bargain prices!

While I was there they even allowed a return (unheard of in the fabric world, and I would not have!) with such good grace - and trust, they didn't even remeasure the fabric!  You can tell customer satisfaction is their main aim, and it shows, most of the people walking in greeted the staff with familiar warmth.
Well worth the trip!!!

Pop onto the link if you click on the store name at the top of this entry & you can see a video of the store & see what I mean about a vast selection!

Eisenacher Straße 64, Berlin Schöneberg
T 030.325 913 33
They have a lovely range of fabrics.  Not cheap, but very good quality & different from the run of the mill stuff.  They have a GORGEOUS range of oilcloth fabric. 
They also do sewing machine servicing & repairs!  Be sure to ask Sandra about her free-motion-embroidery class, which is a FANTASTIC class and well worth booking.  Sandra is lovely, she is knowledgable and kind, and always willing to help with a smile!  

Lovely range, not loads, but as their advert says...'We don't have everything, but everything we have is great!'
Mostly cotton prints - great quality.  Some habby as well - look in every corner - there are some great finds - like the buttons on the cash desk!
Some wonderful books to peruse as well.  Beautifully colour co-ordinated ranges in lovely displays. Take note of the great flooring while you are there!
Brunnenstraße 165

Frieda Hain
Gärtnerstraße 10, 10245 Berlin 030 41761475 
Have a click on the link, you can do a virtual tour of the main part of the store & see that you will have to take a trip there!

Schwedtenstr. 9, Berlin Wedding
T 030.499 159 82
I LOVE this store!  It is in a great big warehouse, but the range is lovely, the staff very friendly & you can pay with EC card.  Great for wool, linen, denim, silks, tweeds… they really have a good range, and the quality is generally great.  Last visit I spotted a wonderful quality lycra with retro prints for swim wear, am STILL kicking myself for not getting it!! 
Bought wonderful boiled wool for a coat, hopefully I will get it made up before winter!! Also found a wonderful wool/ silk fabric that I plan on using for newsboy hats.

Buying a new sewing machine?  Go to this store... it is big & they have a great range of various brands.  That way you can see many brands in one store & compare them.  The staff is friendly and very clue up!  English is generally not a problem.  I have bought two three machines from them & have been very happy with the service!  They do also do sewing machine service & repairs, but not quickly!!
There are two branches, so look which one is closer to you.

Machine Repair/ Service:
This is still the place I recommend over all others:
Hermannstrasse 226 - 12049 berlin - tel. (030) 627 20 600
BUT, I have not tried Smilla yet.

Hobby & Handarbeiten
Bernstorffstr.12, 13507 Berlin
Tel.: 030-4335052
Lovely fabrics, lots of haberdashery, great store!  There is another fabric / craft store down the road, so you can see two in one trip.  This one has a bigger range, but the other is worth a look in.  The other is right at the u-bahn stop on the same road - sorry, I do not have the name!

Fauck Leather
Salzufer, 13 10587
Looking for leather (full hides)?  This is the store you need!

HUGE!  With loads of variety & well worth a good dig around.  They take EC card.  There is a lovely sales lady there who is knowledgable and friendly, and was even willing to burn a bit of stretch cotton for me to see if it was 100% cotton - it was!
A good shop for the basics - denim, plain colour canvas (in loads of colours), plain colour cottons, linens... you get the idea.  Not very glam, but I love it!  And the price tags reflect the cost saving on the decor :) Be sure to have a GOOD DIG, there are gems to be found!!

Dircksenstraße 105, Berlin Mitte
T 030.937 97 35
A nice range of patchwork fabrics, some dress fabrics, zips etc.  

Lise-Meitner Str. 7-9, Berlin Charlottenburg
T 030.344 904 344
Another big warehouse store.  Some nice fabrics, worth having a dig, but, I have left empty handed a few times, and me, empty handed from a fabric store??? WHAT???  

Kantstr. 4, Berlin Charlottenburg
T 030.319 910 96
A smaller (compared to the great big warehouse stores), but very nice range, reasonable prices, cash only (but there is a cash machine nearby).  WONDERFUL dress making fabrics, the owner is VERY knowledgable and chats happily, offering advice and guidance. Here again you HAVE to really root around as the fabrics are in piles, and often you miss the 'hidden' gems on first glance.  A really lovely range of raw silks! Get chatting to the owner, last time I was there, he told me how to get to nearby stores supplying other sewing room staples, and it was turned into a great supply hunting day.

The only place I have been able to find all the lingerie making odds & ends I need.  LOVELY range of fabrics, some very good lingerie patterns and a lovely younger sales lady (Anja Ketterer) who works part time & has an amazing knowledge.  Her English is perfect & she is kind, helpful and quick to offer tips & tricks.  

NOTICE from ZickZack:
Sehr geehrte ZickZack Kundin,
Unsere neue Anschrift ist ab sofort:ZickZack Nähwelt Heike BayerTorstrasse 49 / Ecke Schönhauser Allee10119 Berlin
Tel. bleibt: 030 84317134
Bitte laufen Sie von der Torstrasse kommend 20 Meter in die Schönhauser Allee. Dort sind wir das 2. Geschäft.
Wir wünschen ein gesundes neues Jahr und würden uns freuen, Sie in unserem neuen Geschäft begrüßen zu dürfen.
Rheinstraße 42 - 12161 Berlin - Tel: 030 / 8 51 55 32
Nice fabrics, machine embroidery thread, lovely staff - English not normally an issue.  A nice range of wadding & interfacing.

Small shop, not always open - phone 1st!  LOVELY stuff.
You can buy online as well.
Always worth a look in this store.  You find loads of pretty ribbons, lace etc as well as some of the hardware you need (D rings, hoops, slides etc).  Also a lovely selection of fabrics. They also have an online store, but rather go in, it is worth the trip, and at the same time you can pop in at Stoffemeyer down the road.  This area is lovely to explore, and easy to make a fun day out, even with hubby in tow :)

Nice fabrics and quite a good mix.  Some pretty haberdashery as well.  You can also get good wadding here. BUT, WHY Project Runway chose this store as the place for their finalists to shop is beyond me.  It is really lovely, and you will find some gems, but it is NOT one stop shopping!!

Borten- Kurzwaren - Knöpfe
Steglitzer Damm 7a, Steglitz, 12169
Go in & have a dig!  You will find a treasure trove of haberdashery.  Loads of elastic, buttons, ribbons, lace... somethings that may have been there since the 70s - a blast!  I have found all kinds of gems here - well worth a look in.

Wilmersdorfer Straße 106, 10629
(030) 324 50 04
Haberdashery heaven!  And prettily displayed.  Need a zip, button, piece of lace... you WILL find it here.  With very friendly & helpful sales staff who know their stuff.  

I think every sewing enthusiast who has lived in Berlin for any length of time knows this shop.  Need a button - go see Paul!  It is a magpie's nest of buttons!  I  am dying to be allowed into that 2nd room marked 'staff only'  :)    Do take your project in with you, you are more likely to get a chatty helping hand this way.  Alternatively you may be greeted in grunts - it's just the way they roll.

Small, quite squashed store.  Have a dig, you are likely to find something you like.


Tel: 030 69550
This specific Karstadt has a lovely range of fabrics, wool, thread, zips....!  Then you can pop into Depot (inside the Karstadt) and see the lovely range of ribbons etc.

Don't forget the Turkish Market!!  I have found some great fabrics there!  It is open Tuesdays & Fridays.  Beware of seconds though.  But do not be put off - there are great deals to be had on good quality fabrics!  There is one guy with good quality haberdashery as well as LOVELY interfacing.  He even has horsehair-type interfacing (great for handbags) at a very good per meter price - 1/3 of what I had bought it online for, and the same quality.  You can get wadding from him too - good quality at about 6€ a meter at time of writing this (2012). 

A fellow sewing enthusiast has just told me about a great leather shop in Berlin.  Here is an extract from her mail:

a store, that sells leather at 'Großhandel' conditions:

Leder dago engler
Bergmannstraße 90
10961 Berlin
T 030.691 3752
From the outside a very typical Kreuzbergshop - but the huge amount of
different skins they store deep down in their cellar is enormous. I really
was delighted - never mind the exterior appearance.

And then a list of ones I have been told about, but not visited as yet...
Grolmanstraße 40

Aßmannstr. 40, Friedrichshagen


Der Stoffladen
Address and map here

La bastellerie

Lausitzerstr. 13
Berlin Kreuzberg
M 0157.816 880 62