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The Festival of Quilts
Once a year make sure you put the date in your diary for this Festival! The drive is WELL WORTH it!!  See gorgeous pieces, be inspired, watch demos on new techniques and products, join in a workshop of two…
A WONDERFUL day out!!!!
Do take along a large fabric shopper with a comfortable shoulder strap, CASH, and a marker to write a note on each flyer / business card you take to recall what it was you adored from their store.

Creative Crafts
Need any type of craft supply, or want to know how to use them… this is the place to go!  You will find a small range of fabric and haberdashery, but a treasure trove of various crafting supplies.  Be sure to ask the staff for advice on your current project, they are helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to assist.  You will learn a lot just by asking, even if it is something you already know a bit about.  Be sure not to miss the basement level!! And on a Friday from 2pm to 4pm you can take along your hand quilting and join in the group sewing for a fiver, enjoy a cuppa, get advice and help and just simply enjoy the camaraderie of group crafting!

Artifolk Art Supplies
Sadly they are only online, but I have ordered Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Artists' Ink
 from them, at the best price I have found.  I am looking forward to trying out all these possibilities of fabric painting with them!!

StitchedByYou - Alton
Up front disclosure - I teach classes here.  Caroline who owns this shop is lovely & carries some really lovely fabrics and gabby.  She has lovely Liberty fabrics, great 'quilting' fabrics (I add the quotation marks because I use these fabrics for everything EXCEPT quilting), and a few colours of the most gorgeous boiled wool.  Do have a look at her wonderful batting, it is a lovely weight & it is 2.6m wide!  GREAT for those extra wide projects, and you'll get many handbags & cosmetic bags out of one width!  And of course she offers great sewing courses ;)

Sew Creative Petersfield
A wonderful range of fabrics, some lovely hubby & do get chatting to Kathy from Tiger lilli Arts and give her screen printing class a go.

GoldHawk Road
You'll see the link is to a map showing many fabric shops in one small area - looks good - right?  Well... baby, you ain't seen nothing yet!  There are more stores than the map shows, as well as the Shepard's Bush Market with more fabric stalls.  I found REALLY lovely quality linen & handloom silk at really good prices!  And woven tweed type fabric, plain cottons, cotton print, Liberty tana lawn at £12/m (okay, it's last year's stock, but do you really care?) and much, much more!  Well worth a trip into London for this one!!!!

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